Our Values

As an innovative and forward-thinking company Order Efficiency understands the importance of being open and honest about our company values. We firmly believe that project efficiency is based on openness, integrity and good communication – and so are we.

Order Efficiency is committed to changing the way clients think about project assurance. By combining experienced consultants with our innovative Project Health Control™ systems, Order Efficiency is hoping to significantly alter the way that projects are executed. Order Efficiency will always operate with the highest level of integrity and will always ensure that best business practises are introduced and maintained.

Order Efficiency is committed to innovation in the company. The very nature of Project Health Control™ ensures that Order Efficiency operates at the cutting edge of project assurance technology and we promise to embrace new ideas and incorporate them into our business and systems through investment and ongoing updates.

Data and Systems
Order Efficiency systems are put in place by experienced staff and we will at no point contravene any data protection laws or system copyrights. Our remote systems have the most robust security available and our servers are based on rock solid 128bit encryption.

Workers and Communities
Order Efficiency is dedicated to helping workers and communities wherever possible. Staff are the lifeblood of the project and by empowering them we ensure our project benchmarks are met on time and on budget. Order Efficiency will always adhere to National content directives wherever possible and make a commitment to ongoing training and development in business and in the community.

At Order Efficiency the efficiency of your project is always our main concern. We ensure Project Health Control™