The Problem

Projects are set up with enthusiasm and noble intentions. In practice however, problems arise and in general, are dealt with by project staff and management in the normal course of their work. As the mass of project Concerns grows during work on deliverables, it is usually only a few of these Concerns that are the focus of management and operational staff. There is a continual interchange between those that are visible and those that are not.

We call this the Project Iceberg Effect. We maintain that every project has a Project Iceberg and it is our constant objective to expose it and shrink it, by keeping Concerns visible, and facilitating their resolution.

iceberg diagram

It is not in the interest of Order Efficiency Ltd to tell project owners HOW to complete projects but rather, to objectively take a third party stance and identify obstacles to the project's progress. An important feature of PHC is its complete independence from operational relationships within the project. Making it an effective tool for the stimulation of communication up and down and accross the Project's organisation structure. PHC imposes a regime of clarity on the Project Concerns and catalyses their resolution.

Through Project Health Control, Order Efficiency Ltd continually exposes the iceberg and keeps it small. Minimising the chance for project delay! By actively facilitating management and technical meetings on a daily basis but reporting and answering only to the project owners PHC Consultants are able to keep concerns and deliverables addressed on a daily basis and highlight any concerns for an immediate solution. The skill of the PHC Consultant is in the ability to organise the Project concerns profile and prioritise for resolution with minimal disruption to the project.

With PHC in operation on a project, the whole of the iceberg is always visible.