How it Works

At Order Efficiency Ltd we feel it is important to minimise the initial risk of adopting new services. In order for key personnel to quickly see the benefits of the PHC service we commence with an initial ‘set-up’ phase.

A senior consultant is hired for an agreed time between 2 to 6 weeks. The first week is spent at the Client site gathering data and setting up the parent ATS. After one or two weeks, a junior consultant will join the team to complete the set-up.

The purpose this initial review process is to allow Order Efficiency Ltd to look at the various data sets for the project and ascertain the additional systems and manpower required to facilitate the project. During this review period our senior consultant can reflect on the challenges for the project and build up a comprehensive continuation proposal based on live data.

At the end of the review period a meeting is held to present the Project review to the stakeholders. At this time a proposal for implementation of PHC is presented.

As the Project continues with PHC in place, the project staff sees ‘deployed PHC Consultants and PHC outputs in a continual cycle of meetings and status reporting. The Project workforce comes to regard the PHC systems as a central friendly reference to Project status that helps them individually with their work on the Project.

Expenditure on PHC service is arranged weekly and management gets a chance every week to evaluate PHC spend against benefits. It is firmly within Order Efficiency’s interests to keep the beneficial effects of PHC completely visible as each week the Client can cancel the PHC contract and continue without it. This is built into our contract with the Client as our commitment to minimal risk of using Order Efficiency’s Project Assurance services.