4 Week Risk-Free Trial

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult for a large organisation to take a risk in adopting new processes. Order Efficiency wants to minimise your risk and carry it ourselves for a period to make sure that you are totally comfortable with what we do and how we do it.

It is important to remember that PHC is a complex service; rather than spending your time trying to explain it our time can be better spent working on an actual project and putting into practice our systems and methodologies.

Ordinarily PHC is billed by man-hours spent working on the project that run to a maximum cost ceiling for a determined period of time. In order to make this attainable for everyone we offer our new clients a 4 week risk-free trial of our service. We work for 4 weeks on your project, at the end of this time period we can either withdraw from the project at no cost to you, or we can stay with the project and commence billing. We are sure that once you have seen us in action you will definitely choose the latter! Your commitment to us for the trial period is limited to the cost of flights, accomodation and in-country subsistence.

We bill weekly and every week give a proposal for the work we are expecting to do in the following week allowing perfect clarity in what we are doing and how much it is going to cost. In addition weekly work is only commenced after sign-off by project management, if our work proposal is not accepted we simply start the process of withdrawing . This means that your company is only exposed to a maximum 7 day notice period.

The 4 week trial is designed purposly to allow you to sample what PHC can do on your projects. By providing this there is nothing to lose but potentially much to gain.